Our primary commitment is to serve the social cause especially in the sphere of disables. Our desire and aim have been the betterment of the special children. This can be accomplished by dedicated efforts of all concern to have systematic desired consequences. We are required to spread all over rapidly to reach the every needy special child. Here service motive is much more dominant.

Idea is every special should seek to attain their goal independently. Hardening the determination is obviously paramount. They will be benefited by it depended largely upon themselves.

MISSION : A creditable beginning has already been made before 36 years while formation of Bal kalyan Sanstha, Pune.. Our avowed policy from experiment to experiment only is to combat actively all unequal to the specials and empowering them to lift themselves out of disability. Help to advance steadily to a position of equality with them so in due course they acquire the capacity to grow themselves.

We are gazing at possible wonderful confluence of specials and normal, our minds sweeping further glorious future the hopes, the faiths, the achievements, the efforts and the fortunes.

We recognize no limits to our aspiration for development. We want world without distinction of special and normal to have opportunities to grow to the full height of their stature, unhampered by cramping and unnatural restrictions.

COUNSELING CENTRE : Building confidence in the minds of parents of specials is essential part of the process of rehabilitation of disables. The struggle before them is a long and a weary one and while the thought of it should stimulate all their energies, undue impatience will only recoil upon their own heads. They are beset with difficulties which are truly formidable and which will tax to the uttermost all their patience, resources and devotion. Because initially, their achievements are small and their disappointments are frequent and trying.

The situation calls for the exercise of great tact and great performance. We have set up Counseling Center within the premises of Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune to cater this need. Counseling group consists of well known dignities having knowledge of specialize nature in the area. Most of the times their expertise succeeds to repose confidence in the parents of the specials. Parents of disabled children and the schools for specials are the satisfied beneficiaries.

PUBLICATION : Receiving overwhelming response for extremely useful literature available with Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune such as

‘PARICHAY’ : It consists of adequate information about social institutes, organizations and workshops etc. related to the sphere of specials. It also provides information about various schemes and scholarships etc. facilitated by central and state government along with the extant provisions of law in this respect. It is pertinent to note the publication of its’ fourth edition.

“TAL’ : This is the first ever book on Tabla written in Brail. It deals with tal, kayade , tukade and mukhade etc. related to Tabla along with total information about the examinations at various levels.

‘APANGATWAVAR VIJAY’ : First edition of this published in Nagpur in 1961 significant to note that this is written by blind person Smt. Usha Mohani Sharan.

REHABILITATION : We strive to place the special children and youth to at least some respectable position in the society and make them self sufficient. Institute is well equipped with proper methods of attaining it.

It was not achieved through any sudden or violent cataclysm but only by successive steps. Purpose would be served by ignoring obvious limitations.

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