Sanstha has a reference library for children as well as for the teachers. We have fictions as well as reference books. MSW students of Bharati Vidyapeeth as well as Karve Vidyapeeth make use of this facility on regular basis. We also have T.V., VCR, Film Projector, Music System etc. We show educational and entertaining films to the children to enrich their audiovisual experience.


For last few years we are running program namely ‘Sankalp’, a retail counter for sell of articles made by disabled people and special schools associated with YASHADA. YASHADA has provided the necessary space within its premises. More than 30 disabled people and schools are keeping their articles for sale in SANKALP.


Creative thinking is an ability to look beyond the obvious. In order to develop this amongst the specials another activity started couple of years back is pottery. One of our hearing impaired staff Mr. More is looking after this entire activity independently. This became a part of therapy for disabled children. They are also taking keen interest in it. They are making various types of Diyas and pots etc.


We are running a special guidance centre at Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune for the parents having hearing impaired children in the age group of 2 to 7 years. Mrs. Alka Hudalikar, Senior Speech therapist along with other trained mothers is giving proper guidance to the parents. They teach parents how to speak with their hearing impaired baby without sign language. We are proud to state that it fetches remarkable desired outcome. All the parents coming for training are happy and their babies’ response is satisfactory.


First of its kind in India In association we have developed a Sensory Garden in 6000 sqft area in our premises. Total cost of this project is around 25 lakhs.

Special children from various institutes often almost every day visit Sensory Garden. They are very eager to enter the Sensory Garden. Our teachers apply therapy treatment on these children through plants, flowers and shoots etc. grown in the sensory garden. We have observed significant positive development in special kids with their senses in early stage of life.

Lot of students from schools and colleges for normal had visited sensory garden during the year. Students of architectural colleges are making special project reports on our sensory garden as a part of their education.

Sensory garden developed especially considering the problems and deformities became role model in the country and a matter of pride for Bal Kalyan sanstha, Pune. Concern institutes and people from all over Maharashtra are inspired with it and craving for our guidance to set up a sensory garden in their respective cities.

Unique Sensory Garden Project is believed to have been eminently successful.


After dwelling on the difficult and complicated nature of the problems which the special students face the Bal Kalyan Sanstha Pune since more than three and half decades to a very large extent contributed in the development of special children by employing innovating techniques to carry out several intricate procedures that invariably seem to take recourse in the sphere of disabled.

Students from reputed Universities and Educational Institutes pursuing higher education programs visit Bal Kalyan Sanstha for their projects.

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