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A well equipped gymnasium is provided at Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune for the children to perform variety of exercises for the physical development. All these physical activities are an essential part of therapy.

Physiotherapy, which plays an important role in the development of the special child, is administered in a very informal way through games and playful activities. Visually impaired children are taking keen interest in ‘Mallakhamb’ an Indian traditional physical exercise.


All the categories of the disabled children enjoy dancing. It provides uniform physical exercise for entire body. Movement therapy through dance helps in toning the body. Dance is the most powerful medium for expressing feelings and emotions of the disabled children. It helps in the behavioral modification.

Further more for last few years our teachers and volunteers are taking special efforts by conducting workshops for the teachers and students to teach various new techniques and methods of drama.


Swimming is the best exercise for entire body and a necessary therapy for the disabled kids. Special swimming coaching camps coalesce disabled and normal. An Integrated swimming camp is organized every year in the month of April and May. Regular pursuance of specials with swimming enabled them to have versatile skill and styles. It is pertinent to note some improvement even in autistic children with regular participation in swimming.


Game is an integral part of life. The children visiting Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune are not different from it. Due to physical limitations some of the children cant’ participate in outdoor games. Therefore we have procured well equipped indoor games section consists of table tennis, carom and chess etc. Visually impaired children are trained with aim to place them to some competent level in the game of chess. Separate area is devoted for Toy Room for Children below 7 yrs, it is first ever of its kind in Pune region. Lots of new fun games are kept for their entertainment.


Most of the schools for specials in Pune City don’t have enough space for the outdoor games and in rural areas space remained useless for the want of sports material. Therefore sufficient play ground at Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune is a matter of attraction of special children. Children prominently enjoy Cricket and basket ball. We have sketched out systematic training program to encourage them to participate in the competitions. Our coaches attend the sports clinic organized by AWMH and SPECIAL OLYMPICS on regular basis to update their knowledge. Considering the visiting category of specials we have ensured safety aspect of the colorful equipments on priority.


All the categories of the disabled respond enthusiastically to vocal and instrumental music. The severally disabled children greatly enjoy this activity. The hearing impaired children are getting trained on instruments like tabla and harmonium. Trained Special students manifest their music performance in Ganpati Festival and Kojagiri Pournima Day etc. Gurupornima is celebrated every year at length for a week’s time and children enthusiastically sing and play on instruments to extend their gratitude towards their preceptors. Proud to be note that the group of specials are invited to perform music on various functions of social organizations, senior citizens group etc. People appreciate the performances of these children and encourage them. We are also encouraging and preparing the students above 15 years to appear for Vocal and Instrumental Music Examinations.

Our music teachers are putting extra efforts for the autistic children. It is glad to inform that their efforts are not frustrated on the contrary result are encouraging.


All forms of Arts & craft i.e. drawing, painting, origami, clay modeling etc. are very essential for the development and rehabilitation of the disable children. It is a therapy as well as preparation for the prevocational training. All categories of the children enjoy these activities and at the same time they learn many things. Every year children participate in various competitions. Special exhibition and sale of Diyas before Diwali is arranged at Sanstha which receives overwhelming response from the people. Special training is given in Flower Arrangement, Embroidery, Jewellery Making, Ceramic etc. Sanstha has also started short-term vocational courses for the disabled individuals to encourage self employment for their rehabilitation. All these vocational courses are organized with the help of well known and reputed Govt. and private organizations in their respective fields. The participation certificates are awarded to each participant.

Under our Social awareness programs we conduct exhibitions of the decorative gift articles produced by special children at various industries.

Institute is securing orders for various craft material like flowers, wall hanging etc. prepared by specials from NGO’s and companies.


As a part of special program to make special students technology savvy, well equipped computer training centre is set up within the premises of Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune. Total 8 PC’s with latest configurations are procured. Professionals from IT sector are extending their full support and guidance to teach the specials right from the beginning. Various computer games are provided to increase interest in computers as well as for enjoyment to the mentally challenged and other children.

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