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This is how you can help the specials in particular and the society in general

  • Donations in cash are exempted from Income Tax under section 80(G).
  • Donate generously for the development of Physiotherapy room, purchase of new well equipped bus,Multipurpose hall, Updating the computer lab, and Covering the swimming pool with a folding shade.
  • Purchasing gift articles prepared by the special children.
  • Providing employment, Vocational Training and organize funds for equipment and training of persons with disability to start a business for financial independence.
  • Spending some time with the specials is one of the most important ways you can support.
  • Be a volunteer for the various activities and events such as on the occasion of ‘World Day of Disable” or you can come out with innovative ideas to widen the horizon of the specials.
  • You can provide your expertise and knowledge in conducting various training and Awareness programs pertaining to the specials.
    Sponsor various events, rehabilitation, cultural and training programs.
  • Donation in kind such as Material for educational use, Toys, Sports Articles, Cupboards etc.
  • Donation through CSR programs or voluntary work in the institution through CSR programs.

Various parts of society are involved in our endeavour in the area of rehabilitation and welfare of special children. External recognition adds a lot to its credibility.
This is reasoned appeal to your generosity. You are certainly not one of them who are only spectators. Here responsibility is conferred on the people to contribute in another vein. It is also expected that private or voluntary efforts would be forthcoming to cope with a task of that magnitude. We hope therefore you will rise to the need of the hour and take effective steps to set right the sorry state of specials.


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 Appeal for donations for building a multipurpose hall.

The Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune had come into existence in 1979. Constructed building of the same was inaugurated on 14th Nov. 1983 at the hands of the then Governor of Maharashtra Shri I H Latif. Eminent personalities and social workers are enlisted in the board of trustees. Sanstha took the present shape because of the untiring efforts of trustees and dignities like Shri Prataprao Pawar, Shri R. G. Gupte, Shri Avdhoot Walimbe, Sau. Sheela Padmanabhan, Sau. Bharati Pawar, and Dr. Charulata Bapaye over the decades. In addition to that, some Government Officials are part of the board of trustees by virtue of their post.

  • E. Wife of Hon. Governor, Maharashtra State – President
  • Divisional Commissioner, Pune – Executive Vice President
  • Commissioner, PMC, Pune.
  • Police Commissioner, Pune
  • Collector, Pune District.
  • Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Maharashtra State

Bal Kalyan Sanstha provides facilities of Sports, Art & Crafts through the media of education and recreation for the physical and mental development of specials right from the beginning. We also provide training in Drawing, Painting, Music, Dancing, Swimming, Gymnastics, Physical Training exercises etc. to special children. All the institutes working for the specials spread all over Maharashtra are affiliated to Bal Kalyan Sanstha.

We have developed informative website it describes and covers lot of aspects about Bal Kalyan sanstha like Objective, History and Events etc. Visitor gets well acquainted with the functioning and latest updates at

Central Government of India recognized the sanstha’s work and efforts and honoured with the NATIONAL AWARD 2009 FOR THE EMPPOWERMENT OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES. Sanstha had received the award at the hands of Smt. Pratibha Patil the then President of India.

The Bal Kalyan Sanstha provides facilities free of cost to special children for their recreation and sports. 4000 special students from 85 special schools visit the sanstha at regular interval as per schedule. Sanstha has procured couple of well equipped buses for transport of the special students. Apart from day to day activities we arrange seminars useful for the employees, social workers and volunteers working in the sphere of special children. We also facilitate various vocational courses for the specials in order to make them self sufficient. We organize the tournaments in arts and sports at state as well as national level to provide opportunity to demonstrate the skill and ability of specials.  Our motive is to make every special child beneficiary of the facilities provided at the Sanstha. We make the specials all over Maharashtra acquainted with facilities provided at the Sanstha through seminars and workshops at regular interval. Overwhelming response of the special schools and their students has increased our geographical proximity not only within India but also over the globe.

Hence presently available area within the building is highly insufficient. We now desperately need a sufficient places to cater to the increasing needs.

While addressing the issue, the Board of Trustees has decided to build a multipurpose hall of within the premises. It will be possible to arrange a number of events at a time without disturbing other day-to-day activities. The proposed 3700 carpet area of the Multipurpose Hall will consist of a big hall, four rooms, and a well-equipped Kitchen and washroom. The cost of the proposed multipurpose hall is approximate Rs.1.5 Crores.

It is pertinent to note the significance of the architecture of the proposed hall. The proposed hall is specially designed to suit the needs of all types of specials. It will have a barrier-free environment. It will be so conducive for the safety of specials and easy hurdle-free access anywhere.

The building of a Multipurpose  Hall will cater following multiple purposes.

  • To arrange various vocational courses for the specials.
  • To provide accommodation and boarding for the visiting specials outside Pune.
  • Organize tournaments in arts and games.
  • To provide facilities to an increasingly large number of participants and visitors from special schools at a time every day.
  • To avoid the discomfort of the visiting and staying specials for want of sufficient space especially in rainy and summer seasons.

During our tenure, while going beyond certain limits in the path we could always obtain valuable assistance from the society and corporate world etc. It is expected that private or voluntary effort would be forthcoming to cope with the task. Society always stands for the special with all the resources, Impulse for that comes from within. Companies with medium or large sizes have the convenient options to donate through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity to discharge the moral burden of social responsibility or donate directly to Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune, and avail of the exemption under section 80G. It will definitely help to promote the culture to serve the genuine social cause.

We appeal to your generosity to donate this project to serve the social cause and oblige.

Yours faithfully,




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