The Aims and Objects

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The Aims and Objects of the Society shall be as under :

  • To start and maintain, initiate, undertake or aid directly or through its branches of affiliate bodies, centres, schemes and projects for the care, education, training and total development of children and persons suffering from physical and other handicaps, with a view to promoting their physical, mental intellectual and moral growth and thus enabling them to become self reliant and useful citizens of our nation without any discrimination of birth caste, community, religion, language, place of birth etc.
  • To help and promote dissemination of knowledge and information and to educate, to promote public opinion regarding care, welfare and development of the handicapped children and persons. To undertake research and development programmes for obtaining all or any of the objects effectually and / or by improved and scientific means.
  • To co-operate with agencies both Government and Semi-Government and other Social or charitable organizations or bodies for achieving its aims and objects.
  • To co-operate with national and international organizations interested in or with the organization and to depute or receive representatives to and from such organization and to receive grants and donations from them.
  • To seek affiliation to national and international organizations having similar aims and objects.
  • To arrange and hold periodical conferences, seminars and workshops on the care, welfare, education, training and development of handicapped children and persons.
  • To send delegates and observers to national and international conferences and care welfare and development to handicapped children and persons.
  • To give financial assistance to handicapped children and persons for education and for helping them to take a start in life.
  • To train personnel for the care, welfare, education and development of handicapped children and persons.
  • To carry on any other activity incidental and germane to the aforesaid aims and objects.
  • To collaborate with any institution or person for the promotion of any of the aims and objects of the society.
  • To build and maintain houses or other buildings and alter, improve or modify the same including any existing building and provide and equip the same with light, water, drainage, furniture, fittings instruments, appliances and all other necessaries for the use to which such buildings are to be put.
  • To acquire immovable property by purchase, lease, hire, exchange or otherwise and to pull down, erect, alter and maintain buildings in the city of Pune and elsewhere in India.
  • To receive any gifts of moveable property (including money) or immovable property either with or without conditions. Any such conditions may provide for the name of any person being associated permanently with the society but not so as to change the name of the society as a whole.
  • To take such steps by personal or written appeals and exhibitions as may from time to time as deemed expedient for the purpose as procuring contribution to the funds of the trust in the shape of donations annual subscription or otherwise.
  • To print publish and exhibit or subsidies the publication of any books pamphlets or posters that may be considered desirable for the promotion of the objects of the society.
  • To accept subscriptions and donations (Whether of movable or immovable property) and exchange and otherwise dispose of or to lease and accept, surrender or lease of, and manage and develop all immovable property so received and not required to be occupied or capable of being occupied for the purposes of society and generally to manage, invest and expend all moneys and property of the society.
  • To purchase and sell movable and immovable properties, including shares and securities and such other investments, so as to keep the funds of the society invested and/or employed with the objects of earning interest, dividend or profit by the appreciation of prices for the benefit of the society.
  • To take over or amalgamate with other charitable society or trust with similar objects and to take over all the property assets and funds of such society or trust held by or vested in such society or trust and the benefits of all contracts and agreements, entered into by such society or trust and the liability of all debts, contracts and agreements properly incurred or entered into by such trustees in connection with such institutions and for such purposes to execute and carry out into effect all such deeds and the instruments as may be necessary or advisable.
  • To spend funds or incur obligations, and to dispose of , alienate, charge, mortgage encumber or transfer any of or all of its properties movable or immovable tangible or intangible and to incur obligations for any of the aforesaid purposes.

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