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  • While seeking valuable guidance and training at Bal kalyan Sanstha, Pune specials become competent enough to participate even at international level. Proud to state the participation of specials in the international competitions such as ‘Special Olympics Asia Pacific Regional Games’ at Australia etc. Furthermore representing our country they are securing medals consecutively.
  • Significant to note the World Record of nonstop 13 hours swimming by three autistic children trained by Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune. Limca book of world records took cognizance and placed it on record.
  • We organize the Special Olympics Maharashtra and other sports competition. In addition to that we organize various sports competitions at state and national level. We have successfully shouldered the responsibilities of the events.
  • Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune prepares the specials for International Abilympics. Abilympics is a competition like Olympics testing skills and talents of special children and youth.
  • Our special courses for craft / special teachers / caretakers are very much useful for refreshers also. Occasionally we conduct Seminars & workshops on various subjects of vital importance. In addition to that we put extra efforts for the redress of the problems of specials while actual training, education and rehabilitation.
  • 3rd December is celebrated globally as the ‘World Day of The Disable’. Bal kalyan Sanstha, Pune hosts the event at pune district level. More than 3000 special children from 85 special schools along with their teachers, parents and social workers enthusiastically participate the occasion.
  • Specials with physical challenges find it difficult to enter the bus hence we have procured a bus with lift to enable them to get in the bus effortlessly.
  • We provide Vocational Training Courses for the specials in association with MITCON.
  • We facilitate free medical treatment, supply of aids and appliances to needy disabled persons.
  • We arrange various programs for interaction of normal with specials. It may help to bring the specials in main stream.
  • Ramayan on wheel : Drama is often combination of Dialogue, Music and Dance. Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune had decided to experiment the manifestation of mythological theme Ramayan performed by special children and youth through drama. This is unlike other forms of drama. The drama in this sense and form is never ever even contemplated. It took hardly a year of time to train the teachers of special schools and the special students amongst 85 special schools.

The enactment of drama on stage performed by selected 200 special student actors. It is pertinent to note that 50 of them are on wheel chairs. However, it showed remarkable performance and approaches to themes and characters. Within couple of months after selection, team could manage its first live appearance on stage. Furthermore the required drapery is produced by the specials and their teachers. People were deeply influenced by collective efforts and performance of all the group of specials. Drama experiment with special children actors received overwhelming response that considerable large numbers of spectators were standing outside the house full auditorium. This is the landmark and first successful attempt of its kind. It definitely created stage history and left the deep impression forever.

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